Our Story

Our story... is filled with people, places and things most wouldn't believe to be True, but we'll save that stuff for a different project :) True Florists is here for the LOVE of flowers. We know that there are A LOT of problems that exist between the consumer and their flowers when it comes to ordering flowers online. Problems that cause people to NOT LOVE their flowers, create terrible experiences and make the flower game harder then it should be. That being said... True Florists chooses to leave those problems for our competitors while we create a BETTER EXPERIENCE for our customers! Shop True Florists with the ability to see your floral arrangement before you buy it online! Gone are the days of hoping your flowers come out looking great. With our live inventory constantly updated you are able to see exactly what you are getting, along with helpful info about our flowers; freshness, creation date, arrangement size, expected lifespan. We believe that with a better shopping experience we can make every customer LOVE their flowers as much as we LOVE flowers!

True Florists is flower workshop located on Long Island, NY excelling in the creation of BEAUTIFUL, FRESH & FABULOUS floral arrangements. True Florists uses only True Florists (each with years of expertise and experience) to design and create all of our own arrangements done in house. We offer SAME DAY delivery on all orders (ordered before 3pm EST). We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all orders so you can rest assured you will always be happy with your flowers! Only trust a True Florist with your flowers... maybe not your life... but always your flowers :) 

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